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Fast Cash will
help you achieve your financial need

Fast Cash provides safe, secure loan service to
Filipinos based on mobile internet security technology
and big-data analysis innovation.Download and apply
in 5 minutes. Get money sent to your bank account or
nearest Padala Center.

Before proceeding with the loan transaction, DO study the TERMS & CONDITIONS in the Disclosure Statement

Contact Us: cs@fcash.ph

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Easy application steps, fast approval and speedy cash disbursement

Vision & Mission


Our objective is to become a pioneer in online lending by catering to a market that is in dire need of financial assistance who does not have any credit history or qualifications in borrowing from a traditional financial institution.

Our over-all aim is to convince the general public that online lending is legitimate, convenient, trust-worthy and truly beneficial than other traditional lending institutions.


FASTCASH strives to serve the short term financial needs for financially-challenged individuals and business entities in traditional lending institutions by providing them with an efficient and convenient way of borrowing without going through the heavy documentation requirements.


FCash Global Lending Inc. is a micro-finance institution that specializes in providing financial solutions and services.

Our primary focus is to serve the financially-challenged individuals and business entities that could not meet the heavy documentation requirements of formal lenders like banks, investment firms, credit card companies, among others, and we give access to credit without collaterals at the soonest time possible.

FCash is licensed and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2018 to provide financial solutions and services. FCash has over 100,000 satisfied clients many of whom are being served using the Internet and information superhighway for a seamless interaction.

The services we provide will enable our clients to improve their status in life. We believe in treating our customers with great respect and faith and we integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Privacy Policy

Our policy on collecting information
and sharing of customer information, and explaining the process

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